SAP Kafka Adapter

Easily publish and subscribe to Kafka topics using SAP PO, CPI or Hana SDI. Supercharge critical business processes with fast, scalable and fault-tolerant data exchange.

Sap to kafka 1-1

SAP to Kafka Integration

Streamline workflows

Mass order processing

Subscribe to customer transactions (e.g. Ecommerce), generate orders in SAP and publish back order status.

Continuous fulfillment

Publish SAP deliveries and consume with your 3PL or warehouse management software.

Real-time intelligence

Stream events into SAP PI/PO or CPI, transform the data and publish for your BI tools to consume.


Publish or subscribe to unlimited topics

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Key capabilities

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  • Authenticate with Plain, Kerberos, SCRAM and two-say SSL.


  • Connect with Kafka APIs: Producer API, Consumer API, KSQL API
  • Support multiple data formats with schema registry: free text, Avro, protocol buffers, and Parquet.
  • Easily generate schemas to request and test payloads


  • Enable enhanced error handling - e.g. Dead-letter topic.

Supported platforms

  • All SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration versions from 7.3 to 7.5.
  • Cloud Integration (part of SAP Integration Suite)

Integration flows


Publish events from SAP into Kafka topics.


Subscribe to Kafka topics and pull data into SAP.

Sync 2
Master data sync

Update Customers, Accounts, Products or Price Books in real-time or via batch process.

SAP to Kafka Demo

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