1. 1Which integration platforms are compabible with Advantco's adapters?

    Our solutions are compatible with the following platforms: SAP Process Orchestration, SAP Cloud Integration, SAP Smart Data Integration, Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle Service-Oriented Architecture.

  2. 2How much does each adapter cost?

    We offer annual subscription licenses for our adapters that range from $20,000 to $48,500. Please set up a discovery call with us to get pricing.

  3. 3Do you charge for data or messages that run through an adapter?

    No. There are no connection fees or usage fees associated with our adapters.

  4. 4What documentation is provided for each adapter?

    We provide a user manual and implementation guide for each of our adapters.

  5. 5How many licenses are included with an adapter?

    Advantco offers an annual subscription license that includes one production environment and up to 4 non-production environments (i.e. DEV, QA, TEST, and sandbox). Additional production or non-production environments can be procured upon request.

  6. 6Is there a difference between the trial and full versions of the adapters?

    The adapter is the same, but a trial license is limited to 1 non-production license and a 60-day time frame.

  7. 7Will we have access to technical support during our trial?

    Yes, our support team goes above and beyond for trial customers to make sure they have a great experience with our adapters.

  8. 8Do you provide training?

    Yes, we have an optional knowledge sharing program, which provides customers with 40 hours of dedicated support over a 30-day period for $5,000. This ensures customers know how to set up the integration correctly, which significantly reduces implementation time.

  9. 9What support does Advantco provide its customers?

    We provide global support from teams located in Asia and the U.S. via our support portal. Optional 24x7 support programs are available for customers with critical infrastructure needs.

  10. 10How often are Advantco adapters updated?

    Our adapters are updated on a continuous basis. We invest significant time to ensure all of our products take advantage of the latest technology offered by SAP, Oracle, and third-party platforms.

  1. 11Are our adapters impacted by the Apache Log4j Security vulnerabilities?

    No. Advantco Adapters are not impacted by Apache Log4j Security vulnerabilities.