SAP Microsoft Dynamics Adapter

Automate bi-directional data flows and empower sales and support with 360-degree visibility into opportunities, accounts, and orders. Integrate faster with an adapter that scales to your needs.

SAP to Microsoft Dynamics Integration-1

SAP to Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Streamline workflows

Master data sync

Update Customers, Accounts, Products  or Price Books in real-time or via batch process.


Convert a Dynamics opportunity into an SAP order or quote and send back to Microsoft Dynamics to generate a contract.

Real-time intelligence

Empower Sales with full visibility into order status, shipping, invoicing and accounts receivable.


Sync any Accounts, Sales or Invoice data

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Adapter capabilities

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  • Access online or on premise with User Session ID, OAuth 2.0 or two-way SSL .


  • Support standard or custom objects with SOAP or Web API (Odata).
  • Support real-time events or batch processing.
  • Test queries and generate schemas with Advantco Workbench.


  • Enable enhanced error handling and alerts.

Supported platforms

  • All SAP PI/PO versions from 7.3 to 7.5.
  • Cloud Integration (part of SAP Integration Suite)

Integration flows


Empower Sales and Support with real-time updates on orders, shipments and invoices to Salesforce. Simplify customer migrations and mass product and pricing changes with batch updates


Simplify quotations and orders with real-time opportunity sync into SAP. Join and query Dynamics objects with FetchXML or push custom events with Webhooks.

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Master data sync

Update Customers, Accounts, Products or Price Books in real-time or via batch process.

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