SAP Microsoft GraphicQL Adapter

Request multiple resources in a single query call, saving you time and bandwidth by reducing the number of network round trips to the server.

SAP to GraphicQL Integration

SAP to GraphicQL Integration

Unify your APIs

Engaging customer experience

Insert SAP data (customers, orders, shipments) into eCommerce platform to improve experience for customers.

Discovering enterprise data

Utilize your GraphQL APIs with simplified queries for better performance and bandwidth.

Payment processing

Integrate with a payment platform that makes it easy to accept payments in your app or website.

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Tap into the value of releationships

GraphQL Screenshot

Key capabilities

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  • Authenticate with Basic, Token, and OAuth 2.0.


  • Support Queries and Mutations.
  • Support pagination: Cursor-Based, Total Items and Total Pages Pagination.
  • Support subscriptions to get real-time updates from your GraphQL server.


  • Enable enhanced error handling. 

Supported platforms

  • All SAP Process Integration/Process Orchestration versions from 7.3 to 7.5.
  • Cloud Integration (part of SAP Integration Suite)

Integration flows


Update or insert transactional data on the server-side to create a transaction and capture funds on the payment platform.

Sync 2

Om eCommerce site, use query to return information about the logged-in customer, store credit history, and customer’s wishlist.

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