SAP Google Integration

Store and transfer transactional data at scale with an SAP Google integration. Connect to seven GCP services with a single adapter.

SAP Google Integration

SAP Google Integration

SAP Google Integration to Scale Your Operations

Master data sync

Update product and pricing data from SAP into your web application in real-time or via batch process.

Order processing

Manage capacity and reliably send N-number of Ecommerce orders into SAP with Dataflow and Pub/Sub.

Data pipelines

Insert massive SAP transaction data into DataStore, then transfer to BigQuery or Snowflake.


Plug into multiple Google Cloud services


SAP Google Integration Adapter capabilities


  • Authenticate with Service Account, OAuth2 and ADC.


  • Connect with Storage, DataStore, Pub/Sub, BigQuery, Spanner, DataFlow and Google Drive.
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous data processing.
  • Enable multi-part uploads to Google Storage for large files.


  • Enable enhanced error handling and alerts.

Support platforms

  • All SAP PI/PO versions from 7.3 to 7.5.
  • Cloud Integration (part of SAP Integration Suite)

SAP Google Integration flows


Push real-time or bulk updates from SAP into Storage, DataStore or Spanner. Publish into event streams with Pub/Sub or DataFlow.


Process unlimited Ecommerce orders into SAP with DataStore and Pub/Sub for scalable storage and event transmission.

Video: The capabilities of the Advantco Google Cloud Platform adapter with Google Cloud Big Query.



Does Google work with SAP?
Yes, Google collaborates with SAP to integrate their technologies, providing joint solutions for customers.
Why does Google use SAP?
Google may use SAP for ERP, business process optimization, and managing complex business operations.
What is deploying SAP on Google Cloud?
It's running SAP applications on Google Cloud, leveraging its scalability, cost efficiency, and integration with other Google Cloud services.
Can I run SAP applications on Google Cloud?
Yes, you can deploy SAP applications on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Google Cloud provides infrastructure and services to support the deployment of SAP solutions, offering scalability and flexibility.
What are the benefits of integrating SAP with Google Cloud?
Integrating SAP with Google Cloud can provide benefits such as improved scalability, enhanced performance, cost efficiency, and access to a wide range of Google Cloud services for analytics, machine learning, and data management.
Can I use Google Workspace with SAP applications?
Yes, you can integrate Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) with SAP applications to enhance collaboration and productivity. This integration may connect SAP applications with Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google Workspace components.