SAP Azure Integration


Store and transfer transactional data at scale with an SAP Azure integration. Connect to six Azure services with a single adapter.

SAP Azure Integration

SAP Azure Integration

SAP Azure Integration to Scale Your Operations

Master data sync

Update product and pricing data from SAP into your web application in real-time or via batch process.


Manage capacity and reliably send N-number of Ecommerce orders into SAP with Azure Service Bus.

Data pipelines

Insert massive SAP transaction data into Azure Blobs, then transfer to Synapse or Snowflake.

SAP Azure Integration

Integrate SAP Azure with multiple services


SAP Azure Integration Adapter capabilities


  • Authenticate with Azure credentials and Access Key.


  • Connect with Storage, Service Bus, Event Hubs and Data Lake (Gen1/Gen2).
  • Supports synchronous and asynchronous data processing.
  • Use multi-part file uploads to Blob Storage.


  • Enable enhanced error handling and alerts.

Supported platforms

  • All SAP PI/PO versions from 7.3 to 7.5.
  • Cloud Integration (part of SAP Integration Suite)

SAP Azure Integration flows


Push real-time or bulk updates from SAP into File Storage, Blob Storage or Event Hubs. Trigger mission-critical messaging with Service Bus.


Process unlimited Ecommerce orders into SAP with Blobs, Queues and Service Bus for scalable storage and event transmission.

Azure Service Bus to SAP Integration


What is SAP Azure Integration?
SAP Azure Integration refers to the process of connecting and integrating SAP applications with Microsoft Azure cloud services. This integration allows organizations to leverage the capabilities of both SAP and Azure to enhance business processes, scalability, and agility.
Can Azure connect to SAP?
Yes, Azure can connect to SAP through various integration services and tools like Azure Logic Apps, Azure API Management, and direct connections.
Can I run SAP on Azure?
Yes, SAP applications can be run on Azure. Microsoft and SAP collaborate to certify and optimize SAP workloads for deployment on Azure infrastructure.
What is SAP on Azure?
SAP on Azure refers to integrating SAP applications with Microsoft Azure cloud services. It enables organizations to leverage Azure's capabilities for enhanced performance, scalability, and flexibility.
Why integrate SAP with Azure?
Integrating SAP with Azure enables organizations to take advantage of Azure's scalable and flexible cloud infrastructure, advanced analytics, AI services, and other features. This integration can enhance performance, reduce costs, and provide additional capabilities for SAP applications.
Are there any best practices for SAP Azure Integration?
Best practices for SAP Azure Integration include thorough planning, secure configuration, monitoring, and testing. It's essential to follow SAP and Azure guidelines, leverage certified solutions, and engage with both SAP and Microsoft support resources when needed.