SAP Adobe Adapter

Extend Adobe services to your SAP flows, making it easier for your users, security of the documents and saving you time.

SAP Microsoft Adobe Integration

SAP to Adobe Integration

End-to-end Workflows

Adobe PDF Services

Fill up data for a document template and generate a document. Such as we can generate a monthly invoice automatically based on the flow of data.

Adobe Acrobat Sign

Upload the document and send out for signing. The adapter supports to consume the full set of Acrobat Sign API.

Event Handling with Webhook

Capture events of create, delete, modify and status change of the subscribed objects. The adapter provides an endpoint which is configured for webhook to capture events.

Adobe integration flow-3

Integrate Adobe services into SAP flow

SAP Microsoft Adobe IntegrationV1

Key capabilities

Lock for Security_2

  • Authenticate with 0Auth 2.0 Access Token, JWT and Client Certificate.


  • Support Adobe PDF Services API and Adobe Acrobat Sign API.
  • Support standard or custom operations to speed up the integration flow development.
  • Using webhook to capture events from Adobe Acrobat Sign.
  • Test queries and generate schemas with Advantco Workbench.


  • Standard monitoring from middleware platform. 

Supported platforms

  • Cloud Integration (part of SAP Integration Suite)

Integration flows


Generate documents, send out for signatures, get and update existing agreements.  The adapter supports a full set API of Adobe Acrobat Sign and a part of Adobe PDF Services API.


Subscribe to events to capture data.

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