SAP HANA SDI Salesforce Adapter

Leverage two-way data replication to generate powerful insights and drive your business forward.

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SAP Hana to Salesforce Integration

Turn insight into action

Master data sync

Replicate Accounts, Contacts, Products in real-time or via batch process.

Business Intelligence

Export Salesforce data (leads, opportunities, cases) and run predictive analysis (PAL) within HANA.

Enriched CRM

Replicate calculated fields (e.g. commissions) and populate into Salesforce objects.


Easily replicate raw data and
custom insights.


Adapter capabilities

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  • Authenticate with User Session ID, 0Auth 2.0 or two-way SSL.


  • Map standard or custom objects with any SFDC API - SOAP, REST, Bulk,  or Streaming (Platform Events).
  • Enable initial and real-time bi-directional replication.
  • Support HANA on-premise and cloud.


  • Access standard SDI monitoring and alerts.

Integration flows


Perform predictive and historical analysis in HANA and replicate insights into Salesforce accounts and opportunities.



Replicate rich Salesforce data (leads, orders, cases, campaigns) into HANA to perform analysis and generate BI reporting.

Video: How to replicate a data table from SFDC to SAP Hana using Advantco's Salesforce Adapter

Video How to replicate a data table from SFDC to SAP Hana SAP Hana using Advantcos Salesforce Adapte

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