SAP HANA SDI Kafka Adapter

Easily stream data between HANA tables and Kafka topics.

Hana SAP to Kafka Integration

SAP Hana to Kafka Integration

Stream insights at scale

Business intelligence

Stream events into HANA, transform raw data and publish for your BI tools to consume.

Advanced analytics

Perform complex calculations in HANA and publish results into Kafka topics.

Predictive insights

Consume events from Kafka streams (IoT, web performance, customer behavior) and run predictive analysis in HANA.

Advantco SAP Hana Integration v1.

Publish or subscribe to unlimited topics.

KAFKA SDI overview (1)

Adapter capabilities

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  • Authenticate with Plain, SCRAM and two-say SSL.


  • Connect bi-directionally with Streaming, Producer and Consumer APIs.
  • Support free text and Avro (with schema registry) formats.
  • Integrate with Hana on-premise or cloud.


  • Access standard SDI monitoring and alerts.

Integration flows


Publish into a Kafka topic from a HANA table.


Replicate a Kafka topic into a HANA table.


Video: How to replicate a table from Kafka to SAP Hana

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