Oracle MQTT Adapter

Effortlessly facilitate communication between Oracle Integration Cloud and your on-field equipment. Seamlessly integrate real-time IoT intelligence into pivotal business operations. Stay updated with MQTT topic subscriptions, effortlessly pulling IoT data into Oracle for streamlined processes.

Oracle to MQTT Integration

Oracle to MQTT Integration

Sense what matters

Predictive maintenance

Receive instant alerts for potential failures in field equipment like elevators and pipelines, seamlessly triggering service orders within Oracle for swift resolution.

Logistics and Manufacturing

Efficiently monitor the entire journey of your assets, from sourcing through production to shipping, delivering comprehensive status updates seamlessly integrated into Oracle.

Energy monitoring

Employ intelligent meters to monitor energy usage, effortlessly generating precise utility bills within Oracle's system.

Exchange messages from any IoT device

Exchange messages from any IoT device

Adapter capabilities

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  • Support Basic Authentication and two-way SSL.


  • Connect with MQTT 3.1, MQTT 3.1.1 and MQTT 5.0.
  • Support multiple data formats: XML, JSON and Protocol Buffers.
  • Use synchronous data processing.


  • Enable enhanced error handling - e.g. Dead-letter topic.

Supported platforms

  • Oracle Cloud Integration.

Integration flows


Effortlessly broadcast messages from Oracle to MQTT topics, efficiently overseeing your field devices, managing diverse updates like delivery statuses and manufacturing throughput.


Streamline your subscription to Oracle topics, effortlessly integrating crucial IoT data—encompassing equipment status, asset tracking, and energy metering—enabling comprehensive insights within Oracle's ecosystem.

Oracle to MQTT Integration

Top 5 features

Top 5 features

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SSL Client Authentication

  • Implement a robust authentication mechanism requiring clients to possess the private key for secure communication with the server.

Support multiple MQTT versions

  • v3.1 brokers: CloudMQTT, EMQX, Mosquitto, …
  • v3.1.1 brokers: RedHat AMQ, EMQX, Mosquitto, …
  • v5.0 brokers: HiveMQ, EMQX, Mosquitto, …
  • Oracle does not have their own MQTT adapter.

Failed Message Handling

  • Handle failed messages seamlessly by either skipping, transferring them to a dead-letter topic, or arranging for redelivery.

User Properties

  • Enables the addition of custom properties to each message for tailored handling.

Content Conversion

  • Support rich and flexible conversion between XML and JSON