When the era of nuclear energy began more than 50 years ago, Westinghouse was one of the first companies of its kind to offer safe and innovative nuclear technology products and services. During this time, Westinghouse has provided its utility customers around the world, the safest and most reliable nuclear power plants, dependable nuclear fuel and leading-edge nuclear plant automation.  Westinghouse is driven by their powerful history and experience, ground-breaking ideas, focus on safety and sustainability, and their strong team of 12,000 employees around the world.


Westinghouse had developed a safety software that originated decades ago and they felt they needed to enhance the Legacy product with a newer and more-advanced platform that could satisfy their internal and external needs. The challenges were, accomplishing this project economically and finding the appropriate resources that had the development expertise, the ability to be trained in the nuclear technology and safety industry and to align with an organization that could pass their strenuous vetting and compliance expectations.


After significant due diligence, Westinghouse selected Advantco/Somotsoft to assist them with their development and management of this important project. Advantco/Somotsoft’s model met and exceeded Westinghouse’s objectives and would allow them to improve the software, scale their internal IT resources and leverage the Agile process, to further enhance their offering and performance for their customers.  At the same time, Westinghouse was able to create a new and robust revenue channel that would be the envy of their company and certainly, their industry.



The undertaking to revitalize Westinghouse’s premiere Legacy safety software was rigorous and begun with fewer than five committed ITO resources and has grown to well-over 35 technology experts. The partnership between Westinghouse and Advantco/Somotsoft has proven successful and the training and time taken by Westinghouse to educate and support their efforts has allowed them to develop a viable and profitable solution in the nuclear technology and safety industry. The developmental opportunities within Westinghouse continue to flourish and their trust and confidence with Advantco/Somotsoft also continue to expand.