FM:Systems is one of the leading providers of integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) and computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software to facilities and real estate professionals in the United States. Based in Raleigh, N.C., the company offers web-based software that improves management of space, occupancy, moves, maintenance, leases and property. Some of the company's clients include Freddie Mac, GMAC Financial Services, Herman Miller, Indiana University, Lockheed Martin, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, Progress Energy, Target Stores and Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Triangle Business Journal awarded FM:Systems with the 2010 Fast 50 Award.


FM:Systems had created a very successful integrated workplace business over three decades and felt the need to further leverage technology, improve their existing software platforms and also diversify their offering and quite possibly their target market. To move into that more competitive space, occupied by larger conglomerates and powerhouse management organizations, FM;Systems’ options were to grow organically, be acquired, or make acquisitions, themselves. Their entrepreneurial foundation and desire to remain in total control of their destiny, dictated their decision and short-term future to build a world-class operation and enhance the brand recognition already in existence. Mike Schley, their CEO, also challenged Advantco to accomplish this undertaking, cost-effectively and with him being intimately involved in the process. 



FM:Systems’ experience and expertise in executive management, was considered an advantageous asset, yet also proved to be somewhat a liability, especially when it came to arriving at a consensus with regard to how to scale, further develop products and services and improve their well-earned brand platform. Executives differed with regard to how to attain the newly formed goals and objectives, moreover with their technology position than with anything else. Possibilities were levied, internally, to hire and develop new and innovative technologies, in-house or entrust those mission-critical elements to others, via outsourcing, consulting or even offshore resources. FM: Systems’ objectives were to develop a dedicated team that exuded a high level of communication and be able to expand the team very quickly, without wasting time or money. FM;Systems tested the concepts to manage their software build-out internally, but after meeting with Advantco and hearing from many of their satisfied Global 500 customers, committed to leveraging the team, locally and offshore as consultants and developers. Originally, the decision was made, to cut costs and reduce the proposed budget for growth, but in the intermediate, to long-term they found the stable and tenured Advantco resources to be superior in quality and performance and provided exceptional value compared to what they could have ever sourced locally or internally and now consider the Advantco dedicated representatives their own and a huge part of their FM:Systems family. The team deployed Agile development methodology, to streamline programming and development and to improve performance and enhance bottom-line.




FM:Systems’ decision to engage with Advantco paid off operationally and financially. The improvement of core products and services, as well as streamlining process, allowed FM:Systems to scale, build better software and position itself as not only an emerging leader in the integrated workplace management space but a dominant force in the industry. Its product diversification and difference allowed FM;Systems to win an AutoCAD RFP, which put their organization on another playing field and became the envy of the marketplace. Furthermore and certainly related to the technology explosion, FM:Systems has since announced it has secured a substantial investment from Accel-KKR, a leading technology-focused private equity firm. The investment will provide capital and resources to significantly accelerate product innovation, growth in new and existing markets and service offerings to support an expanding international client base and rapidly evolving market.