Maximize awareness and monitor what matters in real-time

Unlock critical intelligence for your team and stakeholders without impacting Process Orchestration

Get a closer view and always stay vigilant

Go beyond Process Orchestration's standard monitoring and cover all your bases with Advantco's Process Orchestration Monitor. Configure alerts at a granular level and immediately identify exceptions. Catch anything that comes your way and avoid the 3 am surprises.

  • Set alert thresholds for errors, inactivity, and processing time.
  • Monitor mapping, connection, and authentication errors,
  • Search and troubleshoot interfaces faster by mapping common labels to a distinct set fields.
Process Orchestration's standard monitoring Interface setting
Stay aware with rich operational intelligence

Stay aware with rich operational intelligence

Get complete access and detailed visibility into your interfaces. Easily convert raw payload and meta data into insightful reporting using Elastic Search and Kibana. Design custom charts to provide stakeholders with valuable intelligence.

  • Get a clear visual overview with Advantco's dashboard.
  • Customize transactional and operational reports with Kibana.
  • Store unlimited data without Impacting Process Orchestration performance..

Empower stakeholders without putting your Process Orchestration at risk

Don't Let stakeholders compromise Process Orchestration security and system performance. With Process Orchestration monitor, stakeholders can receive selective permissions (read or edit) to specific scenarios and can browse data without direct access to the Process Orchestration system.

  • Customize stakeholder read/edit access across scenarios,
  • Let stakeholders set up custom reports and alerts.
  • Avoid direct access to Process Orchestration and eliminate system risks.
Empower stakeholders without putting your Process Orchestration at risk

Accelerate with proven technology

Start using the Process Orchestration Monitor for all your interfaces in a matter of days.



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